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Environmental Infrastructure
Private Equity
Energy & Commodities

We operate as an intermediary in the wholesale energy & commodities products facilitating a link between producers and end users. This service is based fundamentally on connecting clients through our wholesale proprietary networks.
We are constantly developing and operating our proprietary networks and have successfully built a business providing value with added services for our clients and then charging them when they complete their transactions while utilizing our proprietary networks.

Private Investments

We are a global performance-driven financial boutique offering sophisticated tailor-made financial investments to clients that need substantial financial resources.
We work closely with their consultants and/or advisors to help them select and present the services that best meet their client’s needs. Our goal is to earn their confidence through fostering long-term, solutions-based relationships through our equity investments.

Trust & Fiduciary 

The essence of a trust or other fiduciary solution is our relationship with you. Normally the “trust” relationship is legally between us (as the trustee) and the named beneficiaries. We place great importance on the broader relationship between us, the grantor and the beneficiaries. Some trustees accept only conventional trust assets such as bank accounts and investment portfolios. Because we don’t place restrictions on asset classes, we can develop solutions that hold assets such as projects, patents, real estate, private companies, art, yachts and more. At our company, we have the expertise, the experience and the infrastructure to properly act on and administer such assets in trust under our care in accordance with the terms of The Declaration of Trust.

Real Estate

As a member of our group, our real estate development and management firm offers tailor made solutions to its clients in three continents (America, Europe and Middle East) and partners with a wide array of services ranging from development management to real estate and investment banking services. The focus is on Latin America, the EMEA markets, as well as certain countries in the Middle East and Africa due to the presence of our group. The group is currently involved in projects in many countries around the world.

Industries We Serve 

After several years of development efforts, our company assets have been legally earned & generated from various credit transactions, securities, & businesses. Our intention is to focus on these industries in the future:


Real Estate

Health & Care

Energy & Power

Natural Resources

The Right Tools For The Right Solution Every Time

Mission Statement 

RCI’s mission is to provide infrastructure to our own private assets & suite of companies, and to provide tailor-made services to clients that may have been recommended through taking an active but risk-controlled investment approach based on the needs of the client with consistent analysis of macroeconomics and financial markets.

Who Are We?

RCI is a registered mark and an indirect subsidiary of our group. Through a series of smaller acquisitions and start-up businesses, our holding company has created a group of business units that operate under the trade name “Royal Coast Investments”. We serve our clients from: America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Our Philosophy

RCI creates constant collaborations between our clients. Our clients will choose the services that they need according to their necessities and demands; hence, we place the interest of our clients above all other considerations, to devote ourselves to each one individually in the fulfilment of their requirements by providing our clients tailor made solutions through our proprietary opportunities as well as through the agency agreements with prestigious banks, financial institutions and private investors.

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