United States based company with legal presence in various countries in Latin America.

Communications/IT – Connectivity, Infrastructure, Applications

Business Description

Laticom Group, Corp. (‘Laticom’), is a privately held company providing integrated broadband connectivity, IT infrastructure and application services, serving primarily underdeveloped countries in Latin America.

111111111111111The company headquarter is in McLean, VA, just outside Washington DC.

Most Recent Market Traction

Laticom has an alliance with Hondutel, a 100% government owned Telecommunications Company in Honduras.  The alliance was structure whereby Laticom will be the managing partner with 51% ownership and Hondutel 49%.  This alliance consists of the following primary provisions:

  • Structure – Alliance between Hondutel (100% government owned phone company) &Laticom.
  • Terms – Laticom Group, Corp. will own 51% of Laticom and Hondutel will own 49%.
  • Access to Hondutel Infrastructure – Laticom has full access to all Hondutel infrastructure, including legacy infrastructure, WiMax spectrum, cellular spectrum, and landing stations for undersea cable.

Financial Opportunity

Three factors will contribute to attractive revenue and positive EBITDA quickly –

1) A significant portion of the revenue projections are based on more efficiently managing current revenue, and specific and known government projects,

2) COGS will be favorable vs industry standards, as significant assets will be leveraged at no cost, and

3) The cost of labor in Central America is very favorable to operations.